Saturday, November 10, 2007

Donations to help with my beautiful daughters

I am a 31 year old male and have 3 beautiful girls that I do not have custody of. They are ages 13, 7, and 2. I’m sure everyone has their sobbing stories and makes up half their statements and that’s the reason I am going to make this short as possible and straight to the point.
I am asking for donations of any amount and trust me a dollar is better then nothing. The reason I ask for this is yes I do support my children with child support and I am NOT one of those dead beat fathers/mothers like there is all around the world. However, at the same time I pay soo much in support due to having 3 beautiful children I can’t afford to hardly do anything with them when I have them on my weekends and I wish I had money to spoil them with new things like nice shoes and clothes and just having a good time with them. I don’t know how to prove that your donations will be strictly used towards my daughters but if you can come up with a way for me to give proof I will do so, just please let me know (Email I love my girl’s sooo much and I just want them to think their daddy is the best. I cry day in and day out because I miss them soo much but due to having to work all the time as a Warehouse Supervisor just to be able to make ends meet since a lot is taken out for child support I feel bad cause I cant do much with them when I have them and I cant afford to buy them the things I want. So please if you can find the kindest of your heart to help me out it will be greatly appreciated and if there is anything I can do in return please let me know.

I have created a PayPal account which allows you to use a credit card if that’s all you have. I have the link listed below. God bless and thank you for your contributions.

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